NFL RUMOR: Andrew Luck Wants Out Of Indy?

This morning on ESPN’s Mike Greenberg(Greeny) of Mike & Mike reported a rumor that Andrew Luck is not happy with the Indianapolis Colts, and even went so far as to suggest that he may ask the team to be traded.  Greenberg stated that this rumor was “common knowledge” among NFL writers, and that while he wasn’t saying it’s true, it’s basically true.

Luck’s agent later said Wednesday that the claim is completely untrue, and that Luck is committed to the Indianapolis Colts.  This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, since Luck just signed a 5-year extension, making him the highest paid player in the NFL at the time, last year.

While these claims are completely unfounded, I can’t help but question just how possible this is.  The Colts are going nowhere fast.  The offensive line is still a dumpster fire despite the front office repeatedly stating that they have “fixed the line”.  The defense still has seen very little improvement despite Pagano being a “defensive minded” coach.  In what should be the prime of Andrew Luck’s career in the NFL, he is dealing with a surgically repaired shoulder, an O-line that is seemingly trying to get him killed, a coach that is going to be fired at some point this season or off-season, a brand new GM, and an owner that seems to be more interested in his own profile, rather than the team’s.

I can’t say I would blame Luck at all if he did decide that he wanted out of Indianapolis.

That being said, Luck is a fantastic man.  He has never struck me as someone who would speak ill of his teammates, coaches, or organization.  Does he get frustrated?  Who wouldn’t?  However, he appears to be committed to the mission that the Colts laid out for him when they drafted him 1st overall in 2012.  He wants to win championships here, and I truly believe that once he gets healthy, and Chris Ballard has an opportunity to really rebuild this team, they can threaten for championships like we saw in the mid 2000s.

Which brings me back to this rumor.  When I first heard it this morning, I was immediately frustrated.  I personally am not a fan of Mike & Mike, and this kind of “reporting” didn’t do them any favors.  Many people already feel that the show is just there to stir the pot, and not actually provide any sort of facts or insight.  Coming out and saying something like this on a nationally broadcast radio show is just irresponsible.

Mike Greenberg simply wanted to make a huge story (which he could have been trying to divert attention away from the Jemele Hill story, but I’m not touching that).  It worked for him.  The story consumed Indianapolis sports media today.  A story that never should have been.  Greenberg simply wanted to get clicks.  Well done.  He sacrificed credibility, for fame.

Andrew Luck isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Don’t burn the jersey.  Don’t panic.  He’ll be back eventually, and we can hopefully forget this ever happened.


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