2016 Divisional Playoffs

The NFL, its fans, and everyone on the planet, is hoping that this weekend will be more exciting than NFL Wild Card Weekend.  This weekend should be full of competitive games.  This weekend traditionally is the most exciting weekend of the Playoffs, but we’ll see.  Here we go!

Saturday, January 14th:

#3 Seattle Seahawks at #2 Atlanta Falcons

  • Seattle beat Atlanta back in October, 26-24, in Seattle.  Atlanta is the better team, and has been all season.  Seattle’s inconsistency, especially outside of Seattle, will ultimately be their downfall.

#4 Houston Texans at #1 New England Patriots

  • This one feels like such a sure thing, that people are beginning to be skeptical of calling it for the Patriots.  That being said, I won’t be trapped.  Houston stands no chance against New England, even in Houston.  Tom Brady is going to another AFC Championship game.  Write it down.

Sunday, January 15th:

#3 Pittsburgh Steelers at #2 Kansas City Chiefs

  • Pittsburgh blew out Kansas City earlier in the season.  Pittsburgh is the better team.  Kansas City has the home field advantage in this game, but that’s the only advantage that they have.  Hopefully, this game is competitive.

#4 Green Bay Packers at #1 Dallas Cowboys

  • Two weeks in a row, where the Green Bay Packers will be in the game of the week.  In my opinion, the winner of this matchup is going to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.  No one can discredit what the Cowboys did during the Regular Season, but when it comes to the Playoffs, they have very little experience.  This game could come down to the final possession at the end of the game.  Aaron Rodgers has now thrown 4 TDs and over 300 yards in three straight games.  If he continues that run, no one will be able to stop the Packers from walking into Houston in February.

To recap, my winners:

  • Atlanta
  • New England
  • Pittsburgh
  • Green Bay

My Record: 168-90-2 (.65)


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