2016 Wild Card Weekend Picks

It’s Playoff Time!

Wild Card Weekend is the weekend where we tend to see teams shock the world…for one week. A wild-card team has won the Super Bowl 6 times since 1970. Chances are, the 5 and 6 seed teams aren’t doing much, beyond this weekend. But hey, they made the Playoffs, so anyone has a chance! Here we go!

Saturday, January 7th:

#5 Oakland Raiders at #4 Houston Texans

  • Houston and Oakland both are bad teams. Oakland would have had the 2-seed and a bye, had their star QB Derek Carr not gone down in Week 16 against the Colts. My pick, Houston’s defense is too much for Oakland. Houston’s offense will do just enough to lock in a likely matchup with New England.

#6 Detroit Lions at #3 Seattle Seahawks

  • I may get burned on this one, but that’s the name of the game. Seattle has been very inconsistent this season. With a battered defense, going up against a Detroit Lions offense that has been throwing with the best of them, I believe that Detroit will upset Seattle.

Sunday, January 8th:

#6 Miami Dolphins at #3 Pittsburgh Steelers

  • This one is straight forward. While Miami did whip Pittsburgh earlier in the season, in Miami, the Playoffs are different. Mike Tomlin, LeVeon Bell, Ben Roethlisberger, and Antonio Brown will be too much for Miami, especially in Pittsburgh.

#5 New York Giants at #4 Green Bay Packers

  • This is the game of the week easily. Either team could win this game. Both teams are playing Super Bowl contending football. I have to give the nod to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, especially in Lambeau. Don’t sleep on the Giants though.

To recap, my picks:

  • Houston
  • Detroit
  • Pittsburgh
  • Green Bay

My Record: 165-89-2 (.6484)


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