Colts Continue To Fail

Andrew Luck is a great player, on a bad team, with an even worse coach.  There is no other way to look at it.  The Colts don’t deserve a player like Luck.  The receivers don’t deserve a thrower like Luck.  The defense doesn’t deserve a hero like Luck.  The coaches certainly don’t deserve a player like Luck, to mask their shortcomings.

Sunday was bad.  Play-calling was bad.  Blocking was bad.  Tackling was bad.  Catching was bad.  The only positives were Frank Gore and Andrew Luck.  That’s it.  It feels like every receiver dropped a wide open pass.  Blocking was awful, which is a HUGE testament to how good Luck and Gore are at making plays.  When Gore decided to come to Indy, he had high hopes for a Super Bowl appearance, now he’s just hoping for a playoff appearance.

This team isn’t improved from last season, they are worse.  I tend not to blame the GM, because the personnel hasn’t changed that much.  I blame the coaches, and more specifically, Chuck Pagano.  When the 0-3 Jacksonville Jaguars make your gameplan look silly, you have a problem.  Chuck continues to call short little plays, when they need big yards.  It almost feels like he feels bad, when the Colts are winning.

I mean really, if the Colts are going to have a bad defense, why not bring in an offensive-minded coach, and just try to outscore the other team.  At least then, Andrew Luck would get the appreciation that he deserves.  It’s bad people.  It’s bad when I’m actually finding myself rooting for the Colts to lose, just so Jim Irsay might finally do what he should have done back in January.  I don’t want the Colts to lose, but I want Chuck gone.  I’ve wanted him gone since the 2014 season AFC Championship game where the Colts looked like they hadn’t prepared at all.  I wanted him gone before that, but Andrew Luck was making him look good, so no one would say it.

The only saving grace yesterday, was that the Colts at least fought back, like they always do.  Someone has to get to this team and explain that if you play the first 3 quarters, you won’t have to be superheroes in the 4th.  This idea of waiting until the 4th Quarter for the coaches to let Andrew Luck out of his cage is idiotic.  No other team in the league gameplans like the Colts.  Come out slow, and then when everyone has given up on us, try to make a comeback.  Being known for late game heroics is cute for awhile, now it’s a seriously problem.

Andrew Luck deserves better.  Frank Gore deserves better.  Most of the Indianapolis Colts deserve better.  Indianapolis Colts fans deserve better.  The only thing Chuck Pagano deserves, is to be fired.


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